Why use eco friendly paint?

Biodegradable products are products that can be degraded over time by biological organisms and processes.  Paper and textiles are biodegradable, and conventional petroleum jelly is non-biodegradable.  Food products made from disposable consumer packaging and new biodegradable plastics from corn and other plant materials offer significantly more environmental and performance benefits than non-biodegradable products.

When you open a new can of paint, nothing is more noticeable than the strong smell of fresh paint and the whirlwind of color and luster.  Although this familiar look and smell is the start of a new home improvement project, these characteristics are also associated with paints that contain volatile organic chemicals (VOC) that are harmful to the health.  VOC are different solids released from some solids and liquids, such as paints and varnishes, and can lead to a number of negative health risks, such as poor indoor air, breathing problems, and head pain. You can get eco friendly paints from Melbourne painters.

Eco-friendly paints are innovative products Some manufacturers of natural and environmentally friendly paints use milk protein, clay, conditioner, or even other minerals as the base of their products.

Using the most advanced and sophisticated resources and manufacturing techniques, eco-friendly paint products are more stylish, durable and sustainable than ever before.  This paint is formulated in a wide range of forms to complement any style while providing long-lasting effectiveness, improving your family’s overall health and protects the environment.

Environmentally friendly paint also provides many additional advantages:

Low VOC: VOC are available in many commercial paint brands.  Not only do these chemicals remove odors and pollutants that affect indoor air quality in your home, but they are also non-biodegradable and non-recyclable.  Environmentally friendly paints contain less volatile organic compounds, which reduces pollution and damage.

 Cost-effective alternatives: At first glance, eco-friendly biodegradation alternatives appear more expensive than traditional paints.  However, due to its eco-friendly formula, this paint is of higher quality than chemical-based products and has been shown to retain color, viscosity, corrosion resistance and paint job better.

Use of natural materials: Eco-friendly paints are made with only natural ingredients such as lemon peel extract, seed oil and beeswax.  During production, these paints do not emit harmful emissions that do not have harmful side effects on the environment.

Minimal environmental impact: By using water or an alternative sustainable material as a base, sustainable paints can drastically reduce carbon emissions and biodegradation.

Healthy alternative: VOC in chemical paints remain active for up to five years from the date of initial application.  People who are frequently exposed to VOC are at greater risk of developing respiratory problems and lung cancer.  Eco-friendly paints  because they are made from natural and environmentally friendly materials  are completely safe for everyone who lives in your home, including pregnant women, young children, the elderly, or people with asthma.

Try your best to change the small habits in your life to protect the environment. Good habits have to start from you, so be the change. There are so many alternatives in world which can be used instead of polluting the environment. Make sure you read about the properties in any substance before you buy it and use it.

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