People and their obsessions

Human beings are species with so much of intelligence. All of us are unique in our own way. Our bodies are unique and the way we think is unique as well. Different people have different dreams, these dreams can change from age to age. There can also be different obsessions in different people. We all love so many things on our lives. It could be a person, an animal or something non living.

Obsession is something more than love. Being obsessed with something or someone can be usual among humans. Most of the males are obsessed with their vehicle or their computer. Females are obsessed with make up products and about their beauty. When we talk about obsession with vehicles this can be the most common one.

Some people dream all their life to buy a vehicle of their own. They might have dreams from their childhood to get such a vehicle one day in their life. Once this dream comes true, they will be so careful about their vehicle. Buying a vehicle is not an easy task, there are so many things to consider when buying a vehicle. The most important thing is the budget. It’s important to have enough amount of money to purchase the vehicle you want. Before buying a vehicle talk to a friend or member in family, who will help buy the best vehicle.

After buying the vehicle it’s important that you do the repairs regularly and maintain the vehicle. For a vehicle to last longer, regular repairs and maintainace is necessary. It is also better to have a garage to keep the vehicle. It’s good to have concrete flooring for the garage, can be found in different colours now. Having it closer to the house will be adequate.

People who are obsessed to a certain thing won’t let anyone else use that certain thing. They will be very careful with these and will be mentally disturbed if they lose these things. They will also spend most of their money to maintain these. They will also spend most of their time with these and this can make them happy.

Its okay to have unexplainable love towards something but that should be within a limit. Anything in excess can be harmful. So try to always balance everything in life. Sometimes obsession can cause mental problems in people. Future can never be predicted,we never know what’s going to happen the next moment. Covid 19 pandemic can be a great example. We never know that a virus could turn the world upside down.

Even though we are obsessed about something and spend most of our time and money maintaining such , we can lose them at anytime. It is important to mentally be strong to face such unexpected situations. Even though you love something try your best not to get obsessed with it. Obsession can lead to many other problems in the end. Always try to find the difference between love and obsession. It may seem like the same but in real both are different things.

the authorMacCowan