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Reasons to Use Glass Pool Fencing

When you have a swimming pool on your property, it is very important to maintain its safety so that children or pets do not wander into the pool area unsupervised. This can also prevent unauthorised persons from accessing your pool. There are so many pool fencing options available but in this article, we are looking at the benefits of glass pool fencing.

Unlike other pool fencing materials, installing a frameless glass fence Perth will not obstruct the view of your pool. A swimming pool can improve the aesthetics of your home and create a beautiful outdoor or indoor area. But if you are using solid fencing, it can block the view to the pool and you will not be able to enjoy the full effect of the pool. Therefore, a flameless glass fence or even a semi-frameless fence allows you to enjoy the beauty of the pool without interrupting the view.

You will still be able to keep the pool area secure. There is a touch of elegance brought in by glass pool fencing. It is a sleek and modern fence that complements different styles of architecture and landscape. So it is a versatile element that you can play around with. You can create an open feeling and luxurious pool area to create a more inviting outdoor space.

Glass fencing is also reliable as safety fencing

This still creates a secure barrier preventing unauthorised access. You can make sure that children or pets don’t get into the area without your supervision. There is a high level of durability for glass pool fences as well because they are made of toughened safety glass. This has a high resistance to breakage. So even if there is an impact, the barrier will hold steady in most circumstances. There will also be no gaps in the glass fencing which can further prevent children or pets trying to slip through it into the pool area. However, make sure that you install panels with adequate height so that nobody is able to visit the pool area by going over the fence. Your local area regulations will generally have a height recommendation that you can use for this.

Glass fencing is a low maintenance option as you can easily clean the panels without any hassle

This will help you keep the glass panels shining and clear. You can wash them regularly using mild soap and water. If you choose to have a metal or wooden fence, you will need to repaint or stain them after some time. This will not be a requirement when you have a glass fence. You can check with the supplier whether they carry out glass fence repairs as well. There is very little maintenance to keep up with. And glass is a durable choice as well and it will not rust or fade under harsh weather conditions. It is also easy to install glass pool fencing as you can install it on different surfaces such as pavers, tiles, concrete and timber decking. You also have a high level of flexibility in the design allowing you to create a fence that meets your preferences.

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