Practical Ways to Earn Money Through Art

One of the greatest struggles in being an artist is the common perception that they have a trouble with earning and getting profit from their work and skills. Though this is true among many poor countries, where practicality reigns over the need for art and aesthetics, but in many middle and upper tier countries, art has been one of the ways where marketing and sales tap onto to get clients. But how can an artist really earn money through art? Here are some practical ways how.


If you are into digital art then NFTs are a great way to earn and profit from your artworks and art piece. The idea with NFTs is that your projects and artworks can be used as a commodity to sell and with it the rights of the artwork.

With such great venue to sell one’s creation, many artists today are selling their unique artworks and memes through NFT and they are actually gaining decent profit from it. Another way to earn from NFTs is through royalties generated from their art piece. Truth be told the internet is the new marketplace where artists are thriving through their work.

Online Gallery

Though many artists are still earning through having their art pieces sold and shown on galleries, the downside of such method is that only those who are already famous, as an artist, were able to showcase their work through such famous and prestigious galleries.

The new trend today are online galleries, in which artists could have the opportunity to showcase and promote and sell their work even if they are not famous or that they still haven’t made a name for themselves. The great thing with online galleries is that it has now become the platform where artworks can now be sold and bought according to its aesthetic value.

Commissioned Work

One of the great benefits in being a freelance artist is that you can be contracted for a commissioned work. Although for some this is a small feat, but for an artist this is quite a big opportunity and also an area to grow and be confident in their output.

Should be you be commissioned for an art work or an art price it is best to know the project before going and completing the task. Oftentimes commissioned work has a theme thus it is best to know every detail before planning out how you will proceed with it. You can purchase your needed materials at Riot Art, one of the best online shopping platforms for almost all kinds of artwork.

Yes, there is that stereotype among artists that they are great at what they do but if the culture and society where they live in does not consider and appreciate their art or their skills then they cannot earn decent money for daily living, but the list below are actually showing the opposite, if the artists could only be creative and audacious in the utility of their skills, they can actually earn.

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