How To Design Your Own Cushions

Cushions are an important part of our rooms. Yes, you may not believe at first but considering these facts may help you to understand this fact. Cushions help us to sit comfortably on a chair or even a wheelchair and/ or a driving seat providing comfort to you.

If you happen to be too short, just sitting on a cushion may help you to see things as others do while seated. Moreover, if you are watching a movie, the first thing that you would need by your side apart from popcorn of course would be a cushion. No only that you can even hug them and go to sleep! So, cushions are important, aren’t they?

Making one on your own

What if I tell you that you can even create a cushion of your choice at home on your own? Yes, that’s right! This way you will have a cushion that would suit all of your needs and it will also help you to be prouder of yourself if by any chance, you are not feeling too good about yourself. So how do you make a cushion on your own at home?

The first step

The first step of creating anything, not only cushions would be to gather all the materials needed. In order to create your own cushion, you will need, to measure the width, height and the depth of the cushion you are going to create. Secondly, you need to decide on the material that you will be using to fill your cushion. There are many types of fillings such as foam, gel, and even water.

Usually, when creating cushions at home foam is the material that will be used but if you are confident feel free to go ahead with any other material as well. You will be to order or buy the foam that you need before starting to create your cushion and how much of it is needed would depend on the dimensions of your cushion.

Other things that you would need

After all of these has been done, the other things that you need to have with you would be, seam to seam, a measuring tape, knife and scissors, ruler and also a permanent marker. Once you have everything with you, you can start off by measuring the foam according to the dimensions you want and cutting it. Then, you can start to work on the cushion cover. If you plan on to stuff the foam into a cushion cover you already have that could also be done.

How to make it easier

Well, sewing the cushion cover could be the hardest part in this whole process, so make sure that you have done your research on already available cushion covers at home before taking the decision to sew that by yourself.

If you cannot find anything at home and do not want to go ahead with the sewing process, then you may look for cushion covers which you can buy easily online. For example, these beautiful embroided cushions and covers could be used for your sofas at home.

The final step

The final step would be to stuff the foam into the cover and while this may seem easy, you may have to repeat the process if you do no pay close attention. Being gentle and mindful is the best thing that you can do at this point to make sure that efforts do not go in vain.

the authorMacCowan