Don’ts of Cleaning the Home

Cleaning is one of the best things that someone can do to improve the overall look of their home and to take care of their mental health. Cleaning can be an incredibly therapeutic process which we can recommend to everyone. However, unlike organizing your home, which can be done however you wish, there are certain rules when it comes to cleaning your office that you would do well to follow.

Cleaning your home is all well and good, but what about your office? You can’t very well have your employees cleaning it, can you? This is where commercial cleaning companies come in. How does a professional cleaning service differ from a regular cleaner that comes in to do a little bit of dusting? Well, the professionals will likely reach into the nooks and corners to dust where a normal cleaner wouldn’t dream of doing that. They will do a thorough job of cleaning and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces, and they will vacuum to perfection. If you haven’t got yourself a cleaning service yet, we encourage you to go ahead and click the above link.

So, what should you not be doing while cleaning your home or your office space? Well for starters, we see people using the same cloth for all kinds of different applications, from dusting, to cleaning, to wiping. The same worn out old, tattered rag is used. Please don’t do this, this is because you might be bringing one type of virus or bacteria all over the office without even knowing it. A better solution would be to use different rags for different purposes, meaning that you would have one cloth for dusting, one cloth for wiping down etc.

You will also want to clean frequently. Don’t put off cleaning for so long that it becomes a huge hassle one day to clean it. This means that if you’re noticing signs that there is a specific spot that accumulates a lot of dirt or dust, go ahead and clean that often so that you don’t have a huge problem waiting for you several months down the line.

You also really don’t want to mix cleaning liquids. Cleaning liquids are highly noxious chemicals that will ordinarily kill a human being if ingested. For whatever reason people deem it prudent to sometimes mix solutions together. If you do this, kindly don’t make a habit of this, and also do note that by mixing these chemicals you are essentially performing chemistry and there is a chance that you will create some sort of noxious gas. If you want a rule to live by, it’s that you shouldn’t mix bleach with any other cleaning agent.

And for our final don’t, please don’t ignore the big ugly. The big ugly can be many things, it can be that huge ugly tangled mess of cables behind your desk, it can mean that water stain that’s growing by the day on the ceiling, it can be the weird smell coming from the cabinet. It could be anything. Just don’t ignore it.

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