Different Types of Awnings to Select for Your Home

Awnings are a great addition to any home and there are many things you need to consider when selecting an awning such as the style, colour, materials, weather conditions, cost etc. There are different types of awnings in the market and you should have an understanding of these options before selecting what is right for your home.

Fixed awnings are what is most common and they are able to withstand different weather conditions. These are also called stationary awnings. You can visit a supplier’s showroom to get an idea of the range of premier awnings Melbourne that is available. You need to have the installer visit the site so they understand the dimensions of the space and the proportion of the canopy that should fit the space. You also need to consider which material will suit you best when it comes to dealing with harsh weather conditions. This is especially important for areas with heavy rainfall or snow. When you select a local awnings supplier, they can provide you with recommendations as well. There are canopies that can be folded or rolled up. These are called retractable awnings. This retractable option comes in useful when you want to have more flexibility with the view that you get from the window or patio. You don’t need to worry about maintenance as they can be easily stored away if required. You can choose motorised retractable awnings as well so that it is easier to manoeuvre.

There are portable awnings as well that are great for commercial applications. They will be able to move from one place to another. But there is always a limit to their size and they may not be very stable as the other types. Motorised awnings are the easiest to use as you don’t need to mechanically retract the awning. There are also different types of motorised awnings that come with remote control, motion triggers and sensors. When it comes to durability, motorised awnings tend to last longer than the fixed awnings because they can be removed and stored away in harsh weather. With motorised awnings that come with a sensor, the awning will automatically roll down or up depending on weather or sunlight. They will also retract during heavy wind. So it is a very functional awning that you don’t need to spend a lot of effort on. For standard retractable awnings, it can be a hassle to open and close it using a hand crank or handle. And it can become a daily activity which will take time from your day.

Awnings are made of different types of fabric such as canvas, cotton, polyester etc. You will need to choose the material based on weather conditions and the maintenance that you are willing to carry out. Generally, these awnings will be treated with a protective layer such as a laminate coating. You can wash cotton awnings in your washing machine and for polyester, you can wipe them down with a damp cloth. Canvas is also a durable option to consider.

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