Benefits of Installing an In-ground Pool

A swimming pool is a great investment and it can be a valuable addition to any home. You will be able to entertain nearby the pool and swim at any time you prefer. If you have children, they will be overjoyed at the prospect of having a swimming pool. But it is advised to supervise children at all times when they are in the pool.

There are many types of pools that you can choose from. There are in-ground and above ground pools. There are many benefits of choosing in-ground swimming pools Sydney over an aboveground pool and most homeowners tend to select in-ground pools because of the improved aesthetics that they provide for the house. An above ground pool is immediately noticeable while an in-ground pool will not stick out as much. It will blend into the landscape of the house while still providing an interesting contrast between the landscape and the water. And it can create a better complement to the house as it will look like part of the house itself. Most of the time, pools are built a long time after the actual construction of the house and location can be problematic. And an in-ground pool will provide more functional space as well because you can have a deck around it and have some lounge chairs which may look odd with an above ground pool if the deck is level with the ground.

Also, lighting is a great way of elevating the aesthetics provided by the pools. And you will be able to include many lighting options on the sides and the bottom of the pool which will bring out some interesting elements. You can even add lighting to the landscape and integrate the swimming pool with it. There can be directional lights leading up to the pool. But in an above ground pool, the lighting options are limited. Also, in some states, the homeowner associations may not allow for above ground pools as per their regulations. There is more value added to the home with an in-ground pool when compared to above ground pools depending on the majority of situations. However, if you are able to include the above ground pool in the house in the design stage itself, then it will not stick out like a sore thumb and it will also add value to the house.

While an above ground pool is narrow when it comes to function, you can include more functions easily when you choose an in-ground pool. In addition to lounge chairs on the deck as mentioned above, you can also have a fireplace, play area, Jacuzzi, small open to sky dining and a barbeque pit connected to the pool so it creates more of a destination. This gives you more options to work with and you will be able to spend more time outside. Most above ground pools are temporary pools and not a permanent solution. There is also a lot of customisation that you can achieve with an in-ground pool as you can choose different shapes, sizes and depths. You will be limited when it comes to these parameters in an above ground pool. For example, you can easily create an organically shaped in-ground pool where it can be impossible to build an above ground pool with the same shape.

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