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Benefits of having a garden

Most of us want to have a beautiful garden in our house. Gardens can be a great way to create a peaceful environment in the house. It can also increase the look of the exterior of the house. Having trees around the house can be of great benefit. Most people don’t know the actual benefit of having trees and how trees can improve the quality of life.

It is also important to take care of the tress in our garden. There can be different disease and problems which can affect the growth of a tree. It’s vital that we take necessary steps to prevent such issues. For example, if you live in Brisbane you can hire tree loppers brisbane for tree lopping which can help cut unwanted branches.

Few years before the pandemic. The global warming and ozone layer depletion were the issues which had most of the attention. After the COVID-19 became a pandemic, COVID-19 was the trend and everyone was talking about COVID-19. It was actually an issue which was very hard to overcome. It was very unfortunate that it took away so many innocent lives. Furthermore, it spread so quickly because the people around the world did not follow doctors instructions, and we’re careless about this disease. If everyone was more concerned about the safety of themselves and safety of everyone around us, it would have helped to save few lives.

So let us see what’s the relationship between these issues and how trees can help us overcome these problems.

Global warming is when there is an irreversible change in the climate due to increased temperature. This can be due to many reasons. This can be due to natural reasons or artificial reason. Natural reasons are due to wildfires, increase in natural green house gases, volcanic eruptions and so on. There can be so many artificial reasons. Deforestation, air pollution, burning of fossil fuels and so on can be few artificial reasons for global warming. There can be many other issues due to global warming. There can be melting of glaciers, and it can increase the sea levels. This can cause the increasing of water on earth which occupies more land, so the land in earth can reduce. There can also be other concerns due to increase in temperature, health related problems mainly.

The earth has a protective layer and that layer is called ozone layer. This ozone layer keeps getting thinner, and this is known as ozone layer depletion. This can cause sunlight to enter earth directly. Sunlight containing a huge amount of heat and UV radiation. These can be harmful to humans, specially UV radiation, this can cause cancer and other skin issues. It can also cause cataracts in eyes.

Trees can help maintain a good temperature, trees can prevent soil erosion. They also give out oxygen, which we need for breathing. Trees also give us food and many other uses. It’s always good to have a tree to feel relaxed.

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