Benefits of Installing a Frameless Shower Screen

Many homes have a bathroom shower screen installed. There are different types of screens that are available depending on the style of the bathroom and your preference. The main reason that people tend to prefer an enclosed space for showering is to limit the amount of water getting into the dry area of the bathroom. With a fully enclosed shower screen, you can keep the rest of the bathroom dry and this improves safety as well because there are fewer slipping accidents.

A popular type is the frameless shower screen. It is basically a solid pane of glass that has polished safety edges and this will align with the wall adjoining the shower. There are many accessories that are used with these screens such as hinges, handles etc. There are many shower handle types that you can use. There is a sleek appearance to the shower screen and it elevates the elegance of the bathroom. These are generally used in bathroom renovations to give a new look to the space and update the bathroom. In a framed shower screen, the edges of the glass pane are covered by a frame that is usually aluminium. This is more affordable when compared to frameless screens. You can match the colour of the frame to the colour theme of the bathroom. In some ways, this can provide better sealing. But this mainly depends on the features of the shower screen and the expertise of the installer.  There can be a risk of corrosion to the aluminium so you need to maintain it well. Also, the glass thickness in a frameless shower screen is more.

There are many benefits that you will get from choosing a frameless shower screen over a framed option. There are so many designs that you can choose when it comes to frameless shower screens. You can either have a fixed glass screen with an opening or a fully enclosed shower screen. This will minimize the wet area of the bathroom and keep everything dry. These types of screens don’t need to be bolted to the shower wall and there are fewer accessories involved. Therefore, the installation period will be faster and it can be installed easily as well. If you have a small bathroom, it is best to go for a frameless shower screen. A framed shower can create a cramped feeling in an already small bathroom. But when there is no screen, your eyes perceive a clear space which creates the impression of spaciousness. You can also get the maximum of a window or fanlight because the glass screen will not block any sunlight.

You can create a bigger opening with a frameless shower screen and this is especially good for creating sufficient access for a wheelchair. You need to think about the future when you are building your home. If you intend your current home to be your retirement home, then it is best to think about better access when creating a shower enclosure. Because there is no frame, it is extremely easy to clean a frameless shower screen. Otherwise, you will see a lot of dirt lodged in the nooks and crannies of the frame.

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